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Abhilash Singh. I am a programmer, hobbyist game developer and tinkerer of whatever that catches my fancy at that moment.

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Recent Work

py-cricket-sim: A cricket simulator which simulates cricket matches based on real-life historal match data. Source
nbn-ssg: A static site generator written in python. Demo Source
Discurse: A discussion forum inspired from reddit and 4chan. Demo Source
Youtube Music Player: A completely client-side music player that streams from Youtube. Allows saving of playlists using browser local-storage. Written in Javascript and vue.js Source Demo
Cricket Simulator: A very simple cricket simulator written in Javascript and vue.js Source Demo
Rakshas: A library for simplyfying HTML5 game development. Source Demo
Subblog: A simple blogging system using the reddit API Source Demo

Programming, Markup and Querying Languages: Java, Javascript, Typscript, Python, Bash, HTML5/CSS, SQL
Framework, Tools and Libraries: Play (Java), ElasticSearch, Redis, ReactJS, Redux, AngularJS, jQuery, Git, NPM, Webpack